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Nepali Mitibar with Calendar & Date Converter 2.0

Description: Nepali Mitibar is a free software with integrated Dual Calendar (AD/BS) and Date converter (AD to BS and vice-versa) and also included some useful system tools like Current process Viewer (Which allow you to view running system processes and kill unnecessary processes), Memory Status (Physicl & virtual memory status viewer), Attribute Changer, Restart Explorer. Try it out and have fun....

Virus Remover 1.3

Description: Virus Remover is an innovative software that removes viruses, trojon horses, worms, malware, spyware etc. from your computer. Unlike other antivirus softwares it does not run on background to provide real-time protection service but you have to run manually to check for viruses. It is integrated with Current process viewer (Which displays viruses, trojon horses, worms, malware, spyware etc. running on background process and allow your to kill them manually.) and Regmod (Which provides various hidden registry modification facilities).


Virus Definition Update:
Download the compressed virus definition update file and then extract and double click on the file to update your existing virus definition file.

Note: You must have Virus Remover installed on your system to update.

Character Board

Description: This application displays every ASCII characters containing in any font in keyboard layout and rest as list. You can use this application to view the ASCII Code of any character and and copy them.

Regmod 1.0

Description: Regmod is a registry modifying tool which allow you to modify various hidden registry settings.

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Web Hosting Packages

Special Student Package

Webspace: 5 MB
Bandwidth: 50 MB
E-mail Accounts: 1 Nos
FTP Accounts: 1 No
Database: 1 No
Price: Rs. 300/-

Personal Web Hosting Package

Webspace: 10 MB
Bandwidth: 500 GB
E-mail Accounts: 2 Nos
FTP Accounts: 2 Nos
Database: 1 No
Price: Rs. 500/-

Official Web Hosting Package

Webspace: 50 MB
Bandwidth: 1 GB
E-mail Accounts: 5 Nos
FTP Accounts: 5 Nos
Database: 2 Nos
Price: Rs. 1500/-