About Us

We believe the most effective and ultimately the best way to accomplish our goal is to put the demands of our clients first. To pay back to our clients we design a best suited and handy solution. We do have a novel way of providing the after sales support to our customer whenever needed. This policy certainly will play a vital support in attaining our goals.

The success always we believe is only of our team and teamwork. Our team as a whole is always ready to rectify all the major and minor problems in course of our deal. We believe that to succeed in whatever project we are involved in, we maximize the chances, calculate the risks involved and make plans with confidence. And furthermore we work hard, with maximum dedication and honesty to fulfill those plans.


Why choose us?

Fuelled by our passion for success and the determination to excel to any task on hand, we complete the task with glory.

Our valuable Clients
Web Hosting Packages

Special Student Package

Webspace: 5 MB
Bandwidth: 50 MB
E-mail Accounts: 1 Nos
FTP Accounts: 1 No
Database: 1 No
Price: Rs. 300/-

Personal Web Hosting Package

Webspace: 10 MB
Bandwidth: 500 GB
E-mail Accounts: 2 Nos
FTP Accounts: 2 Nos
Database: 1 No
Price: Rs. 500/-

Official Web Hosting Package

Webspace: 50 MB
Bandwidth: 1 GB
E-mail Accounts: 5 Nos
FTP Accounts: 5 Nos
Database: 2 Nos
Price: Rs. 1500/-